Paul NEVER had a have history of obesity (gained weight from Risperdial & Abilify)

My Son Paul did not have a history of obesity, as stated on his lying coroners report. My son was tall and skinny all his life and in High Schoo l High school, He gained a massive amount of weight on Risperdial between 2006-2009, I will post some of Paul’s high school pictures because his weight gain only started after he graduate from Fairfield High School, when he was placed on a  dangerous anti psychotic medication risperdial & abilify and the doctor who prescribed this medication did absolutely nothing to help my son, never monitored his weight, never did a physical exam. Only thing Dr Fine did was abandoned my son care and drop him as a patient, and to add insult to  injury to my one and only son, the doctor gave us a 6 month supply of the medication and told us he need another doctor  my son passed 4 month later, while out walking with his dad. We were trying to help our baby  to loose weight, when the medication was making him bigger and bigger, it was a losing battle. Paul Death Certificate is full of lies, He did not have what is stated on the death certificate and nobody will even look into it, But I bet if this affected Attorneys, politician, police official, doctor families, etc,  and they lost their one and only son, laws would be passed. Maybe the would look into change, but the disabled american don’t have a chance or rights in this ugly, hateful, prejudice world we call the land of peace.

Picture below is of my one and only son Paul Gerard Victorian jr in high school and post secondary school (adult program), He grew breast and never was monitored by the doctor who prescribed this medication  when we told the doctor of his changed, nothing was done to help our son. Please read the caption below.150421092714

Paul was my one and only son, and he died at the hands of Big Pharmaceutical greed who push this medication onto patients and use them as guinea pigs. Click Link Below, Inform yourself… we didn’t have help

Big Pharma Greed: They were prescribing a dangerous drug that was not FDA approved to Autistic Adults and my son was non verbal. and I have contacted the FDA, Elected official, etc but no help, I’m not gonna stop fighting for my baby.  Picture below my son thin & skinny in high school 2005 and  in post secondary school ( adult program) now obese, heavy , large breast, on Risperdial medication size 4xl, Keep in mind the doctor who prescribed these dangerous drugs NEVER told us about any side effects, NEVER monitored him, NEVER did a complete physical on him, nothing….. he was on a dangerous anti-psychotic medication that was for Schizophrenia, Bipolar, and manic depression and AUTISM in Pediatric patients only. Keep in mind “YOU DONT DIE FROM AUTISM” My baby should still be here, I will never meet his wife, Never meet my grand babies, Never hear Paul’s laugh, My son is Gone…. And I want him back. 


LOOK! How big my baby is: Pictures of …. Paul Gerard Victorian Jr, Passed away February 22, 2013, while out walking with his dad. Northbay Hospital diagnosis Cardiac Arrest. He never had a history of obese, he gained weight while on the  dangerous anti-psychotic medication Risperdial & Abilify.

150421092933 LOOK! How big my baby is, My son gained a huge amount of weight, but he was healthy, no high cholesterol. no high blood pressure, no diabetes, no heart disease, ( Please keep in mind my son was 6-4/ 6-5 and he weighed 220 lbs before he started that medication), My son only health concern was being AUTISTIC my son gained big breast, he suffered for 7 long year and on the day he died,  his last word was dad help me!, CLOSE YOUR EYES AND PICTURE YOUR CHILD SAYING DAD or MOM HELP ME!!!! WHILE TAKING THEIR LAST BREATH AND DIE IN YOUR ARMS!!! This is killing my husband who is a NAVY VETERANS, Honorable Discharged who served this country aboard the USS CARL VINSON, would have died for his country,  And how do the country pay him back to kill his one and only son, Yes When the FDA passed this medication on to vulnerable non-verbal autistic adults with communication disabilities, You responsible. We as parents are not doctors, We rely on the Doctors to be honest with patients. and if not we rely on them to be punished for their reckless behavior.

As you tuck your child in bed tonight,…. you imagine living without that child. I carried for nine “Protective” months and protected for 25 years. And trusted a Doctors.. I ask you? Why don’t my son have the right to live.

A forensic pathologist lied and falsified my son’s Paul Gerard Victorian Jr DEATH CERTIFICATE no Attorney would take our case, How is it possible to lie and get away with it, What kind of country are we living in…. Oh yeah one attorney took it, but after a year and they got the death certificate they dropped our case, REALLY!

20151125_071721LIES, LIES and more LIES!!!!!!
I need the Solano County Coroners office to show proof of these illness, because I swear I always though they examined the wrong body, My  baby Paul Gerard Victorian Jr DID NOT have what is stated on this death certificate, Show me proof I was his MOTHER…  Look at his current Physical Exam and Blood work (LABS) again on January 17, 2013 thirty -two days before he passed away)
#1. Enlarged Heart ( Cardiac Arrhythmia),
#2 Year of Hypertension

#3 Years of sleep Apena, 
#4 Years of Hypercholesterolmia

1st page Insert from  my son current physical  exam on January 17, 2013. Please note NO HEART DISEASE, ETC

2nd page from his Physical Exam on January 17, 2013, Notice please  CHEST: was clear to percussion and auscultation, NO rales or wheezing are heard, HEART: S1, S2 NORMAL, no murmur rub or gallop, regular rate and rhythm, … Please read the patient is healthy-appearing male who is alert.  Please note …That  my son was on Risperdial and gained a large amount of weight, the damage was already done on the weight then put on Abilify sealed his fate, because it state that it cause sudden death and cardiac arrest, and that what my  healthy son passed from. Because the coroners office lied.

 QUESTION? How the hell could my son have sleep apena, when he was taking a prescribed sleep aid. it make no sense and the coroners office state he had a history of sleep apena, Not my son!


NOTE: The physician & Family requested an autopsy. To this day we don’t know why our one and only son died and how he died, We only know it was an cardiac arrest according to the ER doctor on February 22, 2013 when Paul was rushed to the Hospital when he passed out walking with his dad. We were told three time they were gonna do an autopsy but the Solano county coroners office never done one, and refused to do it after we went up their to talk to them, We were informed that  we could send our sons body to a San Francisco school for medical research or something, How insensitive  Our son didn’t pass in a hospital or had a disease, he was walking with his dad when he passed out after 10 minutes. How prejudice was that on The Solano County Coroners office

Above Photo: insert from the ER Report on Feb 22, 2013, when my son Paul Victorian was rushed to the hospital, only diagnosis about my sons death. Cardiac Arrest

This is very important world….. Please follow me with this Parents, caregivers, readers, etc. The Coroners office states that my son passed from Cardiac Arrhythmia, but 32 days earlier his heat was normal, chest clear, no wheezing, no lightness, etc. But according to the Mayo Clinic internet research I found that it states these symptoms would have been present and noticeable when my son went to his appointment 32 days earlier, arrhythmia symptoms including , a fluttering in his chest, a racing heart beat, (tachycardia), a slow heart beat (Bradycardia), chest pain, shortness of breath, lightheadness, dizziness, faintness (syncope), . Ok Now look back up at his current physical exam, my son had none of these symptoms. One attorney had the nerve to ask how do you know he didn’t have an enlarged heart, did he have an ultrasound at his physical exam?.I called my aunt who works in the medical field and she said Tina, NOBODY gets an ultrasound at physical exam! unless its a cardio problem, She then stated Paul’s Medically trained doctor listened & checked Paul’s heart, it was normal, he checked Paul’s Lungs, He didn’t have chest pains, he didn’t have shortness of breath, he didn’t have no dizzy spells, NO INDICATION of a cardio problem, she then stated Paul was asymptomatic no cardio symptoms to trigger his doctor to do a cardio workup. Because Paul didn’t have a cardio problem, his death was sudden, quick and unexpected, the only thing we know for sure is that it was a cardiac arrest according to the hospital, It was caused by a side effect from the medication he was taking. She then stated the coroners office should have done a autopsy, because he was not a patient in the hospital, he arrived by ambulance and never regain conscious after he fell out on the street by walking, and he hadn’t seen a doctor in the last 30 days, Paul seen his doctor 32 days earlier. She said the coroners office was wrong, you cant just look a person body because they are large and say he had an enlarge heart, they didn’t do their job in regards to Paul remains. My aunt said it could be because they want to save money, or just down right prejudice. She said I don’t know but for what ever reason they were wrong and you cant lie on vital records.

I also researched American Heart Society regarding enlarged heart, It states your body starts to retain fluids, your lungs gets congested with fluids, fluid retention (edema), irregular heart beats, irregular rhythm, and strokes. Ok again go back and read my sons physical exam,  NO HEART DISEASE, NO CHEST PAINS, NO EDEMA, REGULAR RATES AND RHYTHM,. Elevated blood Pressure reading WITHOUT no diagnosis of HYPERTENSION.

Ok somebody is lying……. The Medical Doctor (Dr Moshier)  or The Pathologist ( Susan Hogan) in the Solano Coroners office. Paul’s doctor gave him a physical exam and did a review of his system while he was alive and well, he check everything.  And the Pathologist who was unable to review his system,due to clinical condition gave all these illness, because my son was unresponsive when he arrived to the hospital and coroners office, and it states on the ER report EXTREMITY: No Swelling, HEART no Sound,  and on the coroners report it states they did not do an  x-rays, How the hell did they get all these illness they put on my sons 2 part death certificate. And what the hell is SLEEP APENA… my first time seeing it on his death certificate, Oh yeah the coroners office said my son weighed 330lb and 32 days prior his physical exam has his weight at 375lb did he loose 45 lbs in 32 days, NO I don’t think so!!!!! My son gained weight from that dangerous medication Risperdial & Abilify.

  •  READ THE CORONERS REPORT ON THIS BLOG AND THE LAST STORY TITLED: PAUL VICTORIAN (DECEASED) DEATH CERTIFICATE FULL OF LIES it will show corruption in the coroners office, news articles, newspaper stories about the. research yourself if you don’t believe me.  Lies,  controversies, the pathologist changing her mind, The sheriff office saying she resigned, when she stated in the news she was fired.  Google : Susan Hogan Solano county coroners office.  
  • FOX40 News, daily republic News paper Article, etc about the Solano Cointy coroners office . Again research it, I’m not lying its in the papers during the time I asked for help,
  • Records detail coroner’s controversy timeline – Daily Republic…/records-detail-coronerscontro

    Daily Republic

    Mar 5, 2014 – Records detail coroner’s controversy timeline … because ofcontroversy within the Solano County Sheriff-Coroner’s Office spelled out additional  …

    Sheriff takes stand as Solano autopsies hearing begins

    Mar 12, 2014 – VALLEJO — Nearly two months after the controversy about theSolano County Sheriff-Coroner’s Office surfaced, top officials in that office and  .

  • The Solano County Sheriff- Coroners office, The City of Fairfield , is in directly responsible for my son not getting justice for employing her, and the corruption and lies in that office, She falsified a legal document (DEATH CERTIFICATE). 

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