Justice for Paul…. Mom, is going to speak for you “NEVER GIVE UP”

Thank you for coming to my blog, If you are new I beg you to please read my archives story. My main purpose going forward life is to fight for those without a voice, My son Paul Gerard Victorian Jr was taken away from me by unethical pharmaceutical companies greed, that only care about money, profits,. My son was given a medication that was NEVER FDA approved for his disability, the doctor who gave this to him and abandoned his care was never held responsible for my son’s death. Then the coroners office lied on my son’s two part death certificate and created illness that were not true, and nobody have righted this wrong, The coroners office signed vital record full of lies and nobody will help me. I am angry, hurt and mad…….My son trusted his parents, and we trusted a doctor who only cared about profits, it was no ethics in his decision to use my baby as a human guinea pig.


I have written to my elected official, the same people we elected to run this country and only received the run around. I found that people only care when it effect there kids or family, But going forward I want all families to know that there is currently NO MEDICATION for Autism in Adults. If you’r adult child- (18 years & up) is taking anti psychotic medication like Risperdial and Abilify, for Autism. Then God be with you…..

I want the world to know my story and what happen to my one and only son Paul Victorian Jr. Before any medication while in high school (2002-2005), Paul was a happy kid, smiled often, loved his family, enjoyed life, and went on family outing and vacations. In 2006 after high school my son life changed (8 years of hell).

  • Massive Weight Gain (Large to 4xl)
  • Talking to him self
  • Breast, Stomach, Legs, Butt became extremely larger
  • Cursing and arguing with him self
  • Hitting him self
  • Talking about himself in the third party
  • Hollering at night
  • Can’t sleep
  • Saying someone trying to hurt him
  • Sweating at night, anxious
  • Writing curse words on papers

 All of this started after Paul began the medication, he was sensitive to sounds and had to wear ear phones, prior to any medication he didn’t display any of this behavior, he was a happy kid who went to school everyday, went on bowling trip, shopped in community, play golf with his class, His only disability was Autism w/ very low communication s.

 After he started taking Risperdial and Abilify, his adult program contacted us and told us, its like Paul is fighting with himself and they wanted to know the changes, but it was only the medication. Risperdial & Abilify. Both were Anti psychotic medication, Do you understand the word Psychotic. My son was on an Anti-psychotic medication which changes the brain functions, when autism is already a brain abnormality. The only warning it had was will cause cardiac arrest, sudden death in elderly dementia an Alzheimer patients, but keep in mind Autism, Alzheimer and Dementia are all brain neurologic conditions abnormality. They never tested Autistic adults.

 Autism is not a psychotic condition. My son didn’t have a voice and I told him standing over his casket “Mom is going to speak for you”…..


4 responses

  1. Thanks for adding comment on my blog, Tina, and thanks for making me aware of this. I have subscribed to your feed and will read everything.

    Did you file an adverse reaction to the FDA?

    1. The FDA basically said i need an attorney, i did file a adverse reaction. I wrote it on the blog please read

  2. Hello Ms. Bridgett —

    My name is Andrew Grant and I am producing a feature documentary film about deaths due to psychiatric medication. Like your son, the sister of the film’s director died suddenly and unexpectedly while being treated with antipsychotics.

    We would very much like to include your story in the film. Is there a way I can contact you via email?

    You can see a bit more about our film here: https://www.facebook.com/CauseOfDeathUnknown

    Thank you.

    1. Please contact me at teenah987@gmail.com 0r facebook Teenah Roshawn, i would love my story to be told or included. Thank you

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