New to my blog : Justice 4 Paul

My name is Tina Bridgett, and I started this blog to give awareness to Parents, families and caregivers who are raising autistic adults, My one and only son Paul G Victroian jr died February 22, 2013 from a cardiac arrest while out walking with his dad, My son was on the medication Abilify and before that Risperdial/Risperdone, Please I beg you read my blog and do some research… This Medication was not approved by the FDA for autistic adults, the pharmacial company who makes this medication NEVER did clinicial studies or human trials on autistic Adults, yet they are prescribing it to non verbal autistic adults without a voice, These medication are ANTI- PSYCHOTIC medication, autism is not a anti psychotic disability. these medication changed my son, his thinking, his weight, before Abilify he was on Risperdial. My son gained 153lbs on these medication. Please I beg you read my entire blog, Read the archives/older stories. Pass this blog on to family and friends with an autistic kid, who will become an adult

Older stories: Corruption and Lies (Coroners Office), Daily suffering, Paul G Victorian jr Story, Pauls Complete Physical exam( passed 32 days later), Doctors Negligence, Seeking Elected Officials help, Fact & FDA (NO CLINICIAL STUDIES or HUMAN TRIALS), What constitute Medical neglect, New to my blog Justice for Paul, Update Fox 40 News & lying forensic Pathologist, Heartbreak.. 366 days later no justice, Happy Birthday paul, Massive weight gain Risperdial & Abilify, Paul before Risperdial & Abilify, Paul Victorian jr foundation



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