We need your support to start “The Paul Victorian Jr” Foundation

We are Raising funds to start the non profit organization. The name of the organization is Paul G Victorian Jr Foundation. I am raising funds so the foundation can be billed through the state as (501)c3 non profit organization. This foundation will help with the education, support for Autistic Adults, We are advocating the way dangerous presciption medication is being administered to non verbal autistic adults.  If you can donate I would really appreciate it or please pass this on to someone who might be able to help.

Our mission for The Paul Victorian Jr Foundation  is to advocate for those with out a voice, Our son was given a dangerous prescription medication that was not FDA approved for his disability, The pharmaceutical company never did clinical studies or human trial yet doctors are prescribing this dangerous anti-psychotic medication to innocent non verbal Autistic adults. I urge all parents, caregivers, family and friends to read.

The purpose of this foundation is to educate all parents of Autistic kid, teens and adults. To provide a scholarship fund/enjoyment of life fund in Pauls Memory, He enjoyed going bowling, listening to music, shopping in the community.We would like to  create an enjoyment of life program for Verbal/Non verbal Autistic Adults. Paul had friends at his adult program, and he enjoyed alot of outdoor events. Paul is missed and will miss alot.  He will never have a wife, I will never have grandkids from him. His life was cut short because we were not informed about the dangers of the medication he was on.

Note: All Autistic Kids will grow up to be an adults and this disability will never leave. My husband and I were not informed about the dangerous medication that Paul was taking, My son gained 153lbs while on these medication. We have received no help.  Please I beg you this will be the best cause you can give to. We need to create this foundation.  http://www.gofundme.com/paulvictorianjr


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