Paul (6’3- 6’4 height 220lbs)… BEFORE Risperdal & Abilify.

Paul (6'3- 6'4 height 220lbs)... BEFORE Risperdal & Abilify.

My son Paul Gerard Victorian Jr was perfect. We never wanted to medicate him, but His post secondary school said he seemed anxious. We never knew anxiety was apart of Autism in Adults. Our whole world changed after our son graduated from high school. He was put on this medication that we were told was for Autism. But it was not approved by the FDA for Adults with autism. My son was non verbal, he didn’t have a voice. The Solano County Coroners said my son had a history of obesity, which was a lie. He gained all that weight ( look at photo below) from those non FDA approved medication and His doctor did nothing to help us. He just raised the dosage twice in 2012, and my son passed away Feb 22, 2013 while out walking with his dad. We tried to get this weight off that this negligent doctor created by giving my son a medication that caused massive weight gain. Paul cried out for help but being non verbal it was hard for him. This doctor didn’t monitor my son. He didn’t care. And the law say it was right. I don’t understand why we can’t get help. The coroners office lied on my son complete 2 part death certificate and she is getting away with it. I don’t see the justice their. I’m mad, upset and hurt. What if this was your son and he died in your arms, taking his last breath….saying DAD HELP!!!!! To never regain conscious. This is killing my family. You see Paul was not obese as stated by the coroners off, he gained weight from those two dangerous medication. If my son was obese so is Dwayne Wade from the Miami Heat, he is 6’4 and weigh 220lbs, just as my son did before this medication. The solano county coroners office lied. Please read my entire blog….. I beg you, please share this Blog!


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  1. Raylene Murray | Reply

    I am so sorry for your loss!! My 18 year old son has been on this for many years and also has gained a lot of weight. now I need to figure out how to wean him off 😦


  3. Baby Sis I admire your fight, I know what it means to have a fraudulent Death Certificate, on my Daughter’s they wrote “Complications of Sickle Cell Disease & Obesity”, they never mentioned them OD her on pain meds or having to code her so many times I can’t count or remember, or all the damage they did to her young body each and every time she was hospitalized for Sickle Cell Crisis, or Labeling her a drug addict, because she knew what worked for her body and what didn’t. I can’t count the conversation’s I have had over the phone or in person with Physician’s (Non-Americans were the worst) trying to tell her and me what is best for her. Having a Medically Fragile Child is hard enough on a family, but when you have to fight every step of the way for their education, treatment, and medications it wears you out mentally, physically, and emotionally. After enduring all the deaths I had in my family recently I decided not to have a funeral and to have her cremated, which I did until her only biological sibling came back, and decided what he wanted to do. I applaud you Little Sis, because I had no fight in me left, she had been in the hospital and complained of chest pains and numbness in her left arm, but nothing came out of it. I find it very odd that it takes a Coroners Office over 5 months {by law they have only 6} to state what you can see physically and read in medical records, they were so, so cheap they did the blood panel to see if and what kind if any, of drugs she had in her system, but they wouldn’t/didn’t do the blood panel to state she had a “Heart Attack” which was so evident, and all of this was because they thought I would sue the Physicians and Hospitals, and I thought about it, but it wouldn’t bring her back, and I remember the battle I went through trying to find an Attorney to take my mother’s Case in 9/1995, which I had no luck in. Since I had my daughter cremated I decided to just keep her in my heart, because there was no tissue or anything left if needing to redo the autopsy for a lawsuit.
    Now I have my Mentally Disabled Nephew who is now 40, he is verbal and very High Functioning on their scale, but it has taken Sacramento’s Regional Center over a year, and he is still in no “Day Program”, so the fight still continues.

    Love u 4 Life’

    1. Thank you for that, I appreciate your comment, I’m so mad and I don’t want my sons death to be in vain. I want the world to know Paul, Hus death is a direct result of doctors negligence

      1. I know you are mad, sad, angry, and don’t want your child’s life to be in vain, but don’t get so wrapped up in his death Baby Girl, and all the missed, and mixed up diagnosis that they didn’t/wouldn’t do; that you forget the good times with him, and most of all that GOD intrusted you with this special being for 20 (+) years, and now he is with the MASTER, and unfortunately nothing you do will ease your pain, sorrow, or the hole that is left in your Heart, and Soul. Continue the fight by All Means, but not at the expense of your Heart, Soul, Mind, and Body, literally, and physically. Because GOD has more work here for you to do with, and for others.

        Love U 4 Life,
        Your Big Sis,


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