Massive weight gain from Risperdal & Abilify

Massive weight gain from Risperdal & Abilify

My son was on a antipsychotic medication that we were told was for Autism. It was approved for autism in pediatrics only. The paramaceutical company that manufacture this posion never did clinical studies or human trials on Autistic adults. This medication is prescribed for schizophrenia. Bipolar, depression and in 2009 approved for pediatrics patient with autism. My son was not a kid. He was an adult given this dangerous drug and used as a gineau pig. The doctor who prescribed this abandoned my son care and raised the dosages twice in 2012, he dropped my son as a patient but gave him 6 month supply and raised it to 30mg. Paul passed from a cardiac arrest, while out walking with his dad. A doctor created this problem and weight and abandoned my son. No attorney will help us.. My son gained breast from Risperdal but was not diagnosis with gynecomastia, his negligent doctor just switched him to another antipsychotic medication .Risperdal lawsuit are all on the TV now, lawyers everywhere… But my son have not received justice. He died but no one will take his case and he grew breast and a lot of weight!!!! Paul needs justice.


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