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Paul (6’3- 6’4 height 220lbs)… BEFORE Risperdal & Abilify.

Paul (6'3- 6'4 height 220lbs)... BEFORE Risperdal & Abilify.

My son Paul Gerard Victorian Jr was perfect. We never wanted to medicate him, but His post secondary school said he seemed anxious. We never knew anxiety was apart of Autism in Adults. Our whole world changed after our son graduated from high school. He was put on this medication that we were told was for Autism. But it was not approved by the FDA for Adults with autism. My son was non verbal, he didn’t have a voice. The Solano County Coroners said my son had a history of obesity, which was a lie. He gained all that weight ( look at photo below) from those non FDA approved medication and His doctor did nothing to help us. He just raised the dosage twice in 2012, and my son passed away Feb 22, 2013 while out walking with his dad. We tried to get this weight off that this negligent doctor created by giving my son a medication that caused massive weight gain. Paul cried out for help but being non verbal it was hard for him. This doctor didn’t monitor my son. He didn’t care. And the law say it was right. I don’t understand why we can’t get help. The coroners office lied on my son complete 2 part death certificate and she is getting away with it. I don’t see the justice their. I’m mad, upset and hurt. What if this was your son and he died in your arms, taking his last breath….saying DAD HELP!!!!! To never regain conscious. This is killing my family. You see Paul was not obese as stated by the coroners off, he gained weight from those two dangerous medication. If my son was obese so is Dwayne Wade from the Miami Heat, he is 6’4 and weigh 220lbs, just as my son did before this medication. The solano county coroners office lied. Please read my entire blog….. I beg you, please share this Blog!


Massive weight gain from Risperdal & Abilify

Massive weight gain from Risperdal & Abilify

My son was on a antipsychotic medication that we were told was for Autism. It was approved for autism in pediatrics only. The paramaceutical company that manufacture this posion never did clinical studies or human trials on Autistic adults. This medication is prescribed for schizophrenia. Bipolar, depression and in 2009 approved for pediatrics patient with autism. My son was not a kid. He was an adult given this dangerous drug and used as a gineau pig. The doctor who prescribed this abandoned my son care and raised the dosages twice in 2012, he dropped my son as a patient but gave him 6 month supply and raised it to 30mg. Paul passed from a cardiac arrest, while out walking with his dad. A doctor created this problem and weight and abandoned my son. No attorney will help us.. My son gained breast from Risperdal but was not diagnosis with gynecomastia, his negligent doctor just switched him to another antipsychotic medication .Risperdal lawsuit are all on the TV now, lawyers everywhere… But my son have not received justice. He died but no one will take his case and he grew breast and a lot of weight!!!! Paul needs justice.

My one & only son Paul G Victorian jr

My one & only son Paul G Victorian jr

This medication ABILIFY killed my one and only son. He was on 30 mg and it was not FDA approved for autistic adults. The pharmaceutical company never did clinical studies or Human trials on adults with Autism. Yet. This poison is being pushed on nonverbal Adults with autism who can’t speak.

Happy Birthday Paul…Mom still fighting 4 you.

Thank you for coming to my blog Justice for Paul Victorian Jr.  I have been trying to get justice for my son Paul Victorian since he passed away February 22, 2013. Paul was out walking with his dad and passed out, he never regain conscious and was pronounced dead at the Northbay Hospital in Fairfield, Ca.  Paul just had a complete physical exam and blood work 32 days before he passed away. He had no heart disease, no high blood pressure, etc.  My son was on 30 mg of an antipsychotic medication called ABILIFY that was not prescribed for his disability by the FDA. My family was told this medication was for Autism which it wasn’t. My son was not a kid; He was a nonverbal autistic adult who didn’t have a voice.  My son gained a massive amount of weight on a medication called RISPEDAL and he gained breast. But was NOT diagnosed with Gynecomastia, at the time Paul was on this non approved medication… it wasn’t news worthy or in the media, the fact remain my son gained a lot of weigh and breast. I have pictures to prove it. Paul never received any help he was just switched to another medication called ABILIFY at 15 mg, then this uncaring incompetent doctor raised my son medication twice in 2012 to 20 mg, then 30 mg. My son passed away shortly after that In February 2013. This doctor did not monitor my son or do checkup, labs, etc when we told him of the changes our son was experiencing, what this doctor did do….. Was drop my son as a patient and his standard of care. He abandoned us.


The Solano Coroner’s office lied on my son’s complete coroner’s report and external exam. I felt that they were prejudice and did a superficial glance and just looked at my son’s body.  How is it legal for a state county office to lie and get away with it? It unfair and no one would help us. I filed a complaint with the California Medical Board, and I seen on Fox40 news in February 2014 that this same forensic pathologist/ Medical examiner resigned in December 2013 and they are questioning her autopsies and 37 cases she examined.  My son case is among those. No attorney believed me when I said this lady lied on my son’s coroner report. This forensic pathologist/ Medical examiner need to be held accountable for her actions. Because of her gross negligence and prejudice, I couldn’t file a medical malpractice suit in a timely manner because my statute of limitation ran out, on February 22, 2014. 


Today is March 9; my son Paul would have been 27 years old today. I need help and the media, news outlet, will not run my story or even read it. The fact remains this poison dangerous anti-psychotic medication was not FDA approved for my son’s disability and we, the family are suffering daily for accepting the advice of the doctor who had NO knowledge of this medication, because had this cruel doctor did his research he would have seen it WAS NOT approved for autistic adults.  My question for the doctors, Pharmaceutical Company The Maker of ABILIFY & RISPERDIAL, The FDA, The incompetent Solano County Forensic Pathologist/ Medical examiner who cowardly resigned in December.. Have any of you lost a moment’s sleep? Well my family has, Paul’s, death have changed my whole life.  Are you still able to look upon your own reflections? If you do, can you see the inequities you’ve prescribed to my family? Do you feel the slightest semblance of remorse? When you stand before whatever God it is that you pray to, will you be able to stand in His presence in good conscience? Perhaps that’s part of the problem. Perhaps they are all a Godless category of individuals. That only care about money and not about the patient, my beloved harmless, sinless, caring, humble, God Fearing, Autistic nonverbal son. Society and the lack of sympathy or help has proven to me, and now the rest of the world see that Big Pharmaceutical Companies are soulless, moral less, and heartless creatures hiding behind your lab coats and stethoscopes. I’m extremely sad, sad and hurt how the lack of compassion and the quest for truth is falling on deaf ears. Again, my faith in the Justice system and the Federal Government is diminishing daily. We voted for these people to put in office and they can’t help the American public, mainly my family. They should stop and think….. One voted could have changed their whole course of life.


My son needs justice, we trusted a doctor who didn’t care enough to do research and find the best treatment for my son, and He just abandoned us and my son’s care.. NO, I will not rest until I get justice for my son. Paul deserved to live. Deserved to have a life, deserved to have kids, deserved to be married, you don’t die from Autism? How is it possible that a doctor could systematically cause murder and not be punished for their actions? How can a doctor lie on legal vital records/ documents and not be held accountable for their actions. The United State Government should better regulate big Pharmaceuticals Company instead of being in bed with them. BIG PHARAMACEUTICAL COMPANY = MONEY, GREED, NO MORALES,   for my family big pharmaceutical company greed =LIES, DEATH, HEARTBREAK, PARENTS MOURNING, LIVES FOREVER CHANGED.  Remember…… AUTISM is not a Tragedy, IGNORANCE is a Tragedy!  PLEASE READ MY BLOG BELOW. My mission is to fight and advocate for nonverbal autistic adults without voice who are being administered dangerous drugs that are not FDA approved for their disabilities. Autistic Adults are being used and mistreated and it must stop, especially the ones who don’t have a voice and low functioning. They can’t speak for themselves … But I promise my son standing over his casket that I was going to speak for him. If you can help I would greatly appreciate it.Image

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