Update: FOX40 News & Lying Forensic pathologist

Fox 40 news ran a story February 12, 2014 regarding the Solano county coroners Office, They did a story on the same coroner’s office that I question regarding my son false coroner’s report. Please read below on my blog section: Corruptions and Lies (coroner’s office). I been trying to seek help. I filed a complaint with the California Medical board in May 2013 against the same forensic pathologist who lied on my son’s complete coroner’s report; she stated false facts about my son’s death. Now this lying forensic doctor retired in December 2013. Now she is in the news, when I said last year that she lied on my son’s complete coroner’s report. The California Medical Board is still investigating.  it states per the Fox40 broadcast that:

 The Sheriff department say it has learned of concerns with Dr. Hogans autopsies and findings,  It also states if Hogans autopsies are suspect, that may call into question some 37 other cases she was reviewing. Please look at fox40 reports.




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