New to my Blog.. Justice for Paul

Thank you for coming to my Blog Justice for Paul Victorian Jr, I would like to thank the facebook community, my family and friends for there continue support as I journey in seeking justice for my one and only PERFECT AUTISTIC SON. Who died on February 22, 2013 while out walking with his dad? He was on a medication that we were told was for autism. My mission in life is to advocate for Autistic Adults who are being administered Antipsychotic medication that are not FDA approved… Autism is not a psychotic condition. Please read my blog and share with the world. To all the parents with autistic children, God gave you a blessing; I was honored to be Paul Gerard Victorian Jr mother.

I have a petition that is being circulated it’s on my facebook page asking the Government to do an independent investigation into why the makers of ABILIFY & RISPERDIAL didn’t do clinical studies or human trials on Autistic Adults who are being administered this dangerous antipsychotic medication, I don’t know how to embed the petition into this blog but you can locate me on Facebook at “ Teenah Roshawn” click on my name and read my post. Please sign the petition.

Please read all my topics on this Blog:
* What Constitute Medical Neglect, Facts and the FDA, Seeking Elected Officials help, Doctor Negligence, Paul’s Complete Physical Exam, Paul G Victorian Story, Daily Sufferings, Corruptions and Lies (Coroner’s Office).


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