What Constitue Medical Neglect !

I’m baffled, bewildered and out right confused. I want some one to please tell me what constitute medical neglect according to the United States Judicial System, I am truly at a loss for words. I have sent my case to numerous attorneys since April 2013; they basically all said I need to find another attorney. The elected official that I contacted all stated that this is a legal matter, but no attorney sees it being legal. I never thought to question the judicial system until now. One attorney told me that they don’t like to sue doctors; one attorney then said to me, we need doctors to win our cases! Is this truly the United States? I have faith in God; I know one day I will get an attorney, a humble truth seeking attorney who will help me. 

 I’m confused because when you seek attorneys on the internet, you have to literally beg for help, but if you murder or kill someone the court appoint someone to help them fight for justice and they killed someone, And we can get an attorney. If you spill coffee at a restaurant on yourself you can retain an attorney, if you slip on water you can get an attorney, If you’re a celebrity or in the media and your doctor give you a medication and it kills you can retain an attorney and sue. If your injured or killed and the case is capture on video you can sue. If you break in someone’s house and get hurt then you can sue the home owner… I do not understand the judicial system, my son was no celebrity, his death was not media worthy, but he was my son. I told my baby standing over his casket that mom is going to speak for you. It saddens me that I can’t find one person to help me in my search for justice.

 Medical malpractice may be defined as a failure by a medical professional to provide a standard level of care to a patient. Medical malpractice claims can arise from a doctor’s failure to diagnose a health condition, misdiagnosis, medication error, negligent behavior.

 One attorney said, unfortunately lack of an autopsy presents obstacles in proving any case. Had he read my case and truly wanted to search for the truth he would have said somebody is lying primary care doctor who just did Paul’s complete physical on January 17, 2013 or Doctor at the coroner’s office. His primary care doctor who gave my son a physical said my son had no heart disease; his heart was normal s1, s2, He then state my son blood pressure was elevated with no diagnosis of hypertension. This was a complete physical exam on Jan 17, 2013. Then 34 days later another doctor who did an external exam on my son’s dead body said my son had a history of hypertension that was a lie, history of high cholesterol a lie, history of sleep apnea a lie, history of obesity that was a life, (Family Pictures to prove this lie).

 One attorney said we don’t like to sue doctors’… really? I sent all the papers and proof, a good attorney would have question why didn’t the family get an autopsy that the ER doctor and family requested, my son was not a patients in the hospital, he passed out on the street and was brought by ambulance to the hospital. Had they looked into the coroners office they could question why you did that particular coroners office do autopsies on people that they know the cause of death was but still do an autopsy, but my son who passed out on the street while walking with his dad, you just gave him a superficial glance, no x-ray or nothing and listed a bunch of lies on his 2 part death certificate. ..  The fact remains my son was on 30mg of ABILIFY and he passed from a sudden death and it was cardiac arrest according to the Emergency report on February 22. 2013.


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