Paul G Victorian Jr Story

                         Justice for my Son Paul G Victorian Jr

                  My name is Tina Bridgett- Hill and I am on a mission to advocate for those Autistic Adults who don’t have a voice. They are being administered two dangerous prescription medication Risperdal & Abilify. Both of these medications are being given to Autistic Adults and are not FDA approved for Autistic Adults disability. Risperdal & Abilify are two antipsychotic medications that are prescribed for the treatment of Schizophrenia, Bipolar disorder, manic depression, and on November 2009 Abilify was approved by the FDA for pediatric patients with Autism, that part of a treatment program. But, healthcare providers, psychiatrist, and doctors are prescribing this dangerous drug to “Autistic Adults”; these medications that they are pushing on our low functioning; non verbal Autistic Adults is unjust. They don’t know what being done to them, they trust their parents and caregivers, but the fact is The pharmaceutical company that produce this dangerous drug  “NEVER” did any clinical studies or human trials on adults with Autism. They were approved for Autistic kids with behavioral and irritability problems that are part of a treatment program. I don’t want any autistic adult or their families to suffer like mines are. Please I ask you read my story below. My son paid the ultimate price.

In the United States we have laws that are set forth to help individuals, but I am at a crossroad because I can not seem to get help for my one and only son’s death. His name was Paul Victorian jr and he did not have a voice. My son’s death was not media worth nor was it video taped, but it was an injustice and I need help. As of yet I can’t find an Attorney who is willing to represent me, But I in all my rejection letters they do say one thing that the same, you need to find and attorney and then the statue of limitation. But no one is willing to help me. I have written to my elected officials Governor Jerry Brown of California, Senator Dianne Feinstein of California, Attorney General Kamala D Harris of California, etc. Dept of Justice in Washington DC, The FDA and numerous government agency in an attempt to seek justice for my one and only son Paul G Victorian Jr, as of yet I can not find any help so my only recourse is the media, social network, etc. Every agency says to find an attorney, but all the 25 attorneys who have rejected my case, says you need to find an attorney; they state the statue of limitations. I am puzzled, mad, hurt and angry. Please I beg you read my story then tell me what you would do if this happen to your one and only son.

My son Paul Gerard Victorian Jr was born with Autism in 1987, my son have never been sick a day in his life, never had an ear ache, cold, flu, Paul had an amazing immune system. Paul graduated high school in 2005 with a certificate of completion; After Paul graduated from high school and moved to the post secondary school he seems more anxious and nervous to change. We never knew that anxiety was a part of Autism in Adult, but he was referred to this doctor who prescribed an Autistic Medication, That’s what we were told. The only problem was this medication Risperdial and Abilify wasn’t approved for Autism in Adults (I will come back to that). My son was not a kid he was 19 years old, he weighed 220lb and he was 6’3-6’4 in height when he was prescribed this medication, My son was non verbal and had communication challenges, he could not make his needs know very well. How ever Paul did repeat a lot of words. My son started taking risperdial at age 19 @1-2 mg we were not told of any side effects only that he might gain breast or lactate like a woman, that was a cause for concerns but we were told this was for Autism, my husband still assisted Paul with bathing so we watched for these signs. My son started eating more and more, gaining more and more weigh throughout the years, it was alarming and we told the negligent doctor who prescribed this medication. At 22 years of age, this doctor said lets switch him to another medication called “abilify” this to is for Autism, He started my son at 15mg in April 2011, My son started changing not only weight in his everyday life, The doctor increased the dosage in May 2012 to 20mg, We told the doctor that Paul was changing, he screamed twice at night, Paul came to his dad and said DAD he’s hurting me.. When his dad asks who, he said HIM! And pointed to his self, my some seem panic, agitated, and anxious something he never did. My husband took him to this doctor in October 2012 and told him what Paul was going through, he never ask to do lab work, run test, anything. What he did do was tell my husband that he was dropping my son as a patient because of the state regulation him, something. He actually didn’t give a concrete reason; however he did say I will give you a 6 month supply of Abilify until you find another doctor, and he increased his dosage to 30mg.

In November 2012 we needed help desperately because Paul’s doctor who prescribed this poison dropped him unexpectedly after all these years. We called Dr Moshier Paul’s primary care doctor and ask for an appointment because was changing, the earliest appointment was January 17, 2013. Paul would sweat a lot, seemed anxious, heart was beating fast at time, agitated, confused, etc. My son seen Dr Michael Moshier his primary doctor on January 17, 2013 and 32 days later he dies at age 25 from a cardiac arrest. He had NO Heart Disease, NO hypertension, Chest was clear, Heart was normal.

When my son seen Dr Moshier at SutterHospital he did a complete physical exam, and blood work, complete labs. Paul had no cardiac history, No chest pains, and no indication of a cardiac problem. My son was asymptomatic; it was no cardiac symptoms to trigger a doctor to do a cardiac workup. He had no shortness of breath, no chest pains shortness of breathe nothing.  (Insert from Physical Exam January 17, 2013)

Review of System:

*General: patient is healthy- appearing male who is alert and oriented

*No Abnormal labs in past 12 months

* No medical history (Autistic Disorder)

CV: No Heart Disease, chest pains, palpitation,syncope,edema

Heart: S1, S2 Normal, No murmur, rub or gallop, regular rate and rhythm

Chest: clear to percussion and ausculatation, no rales or wheezes are heard

796.2 Elevated Blood Pressure with NO DIAGNOSIS of Hypertension

February 22, 2013 was the worse day of our lives. My son came from his adult program Pace Suisun, and he asked his said DAD WALK? My husband said in a minute son, because his dad was tired but Paul had gained over 132 lbs on that medication. His weight had increased from 220lbs to 373lbs from both of the medications, my son was struggling with all that weight, so over the years his dad would walk him to get the weight off and it was a slow pace because our son walked with a slight slant. On Feb 22, 2013 his dad said come on son let’s go for our walk. My husband drove to the same location he had been walking for the last three years on Waterman Blvd in Fairfield.  After 10 minutes of walking my son was trying to sit on the ground, Then hid dad said wait son let me run and get the truck. When he got back he tried to assist Paul in standing and getting into the truck, my beloved son last words were DAD HELP, DAD HELP, DAD help… the third time my son went unconscious, my husband started immediate CPR, and a lady jogging ran over to assist she called 911,  The ambulance were their with in minutes. My son was transported to NorthbayHospital in Fairfield, CA. He was pronounced dead from a Cardiac Arrest (Inserts from ER report Dr Seth Kauffman)

Result Title: Cardiac Arrest

Arrival mode: Ambulance

Review of system: unable to due clinical conditions

Medical History: AUTISM

General appearance: unresponsive


Diagnosis: Cardiac Arrest

Discharge Plan: expired time 02/22/2013

Autopsy: Yes Request by ER doctor & Family

Dr Seth Kauffman said this just don’t happen to a 25 year old out walking. He said my son’s death was sudden.  After Paul passed away in his dad arms, we looked up this medication, we trusted his doctor with our son’s life and we found some horrific facts about this deadly poison. What we uncovered was the warning about Abilify: that it is an Antipsychotic medication used only for the treatment of schizophrenia, bipolar, depression and Autism in pediatrics with irritability that part of a treatment program. It was alarming. We then look up the pharmaceutical company clinical studies and we astonished to find out that it was not FDA approved for Autistic Adults, There were no Clinical studies or human trials on Autistic Adults so how do they know the effect of this medication. 

The FDA has a black box warning and precautions in elderly people with dementia, Alzheimer or related psychosis, can cause sudden death and cardiac arrest. On was autistic and if you look at a list of neurological condition and disorder (Brain disorder / degenerative brain disease) you will see that Alzaheimer, AUTISM. Dementias are in the same family, and the list goes on. A number of medical conditions can cause psychosis, including prescription drugs, degenerative brain disease, infection that affects the brain. They should include Autism in that Black box warning, they have one clinical study on file now date February 22, 2013 and the patient was my son Paul G Victorian jr. Finding it causes sudden death, cardiac arrest death in Autistic adults as well.

Fact#1 there are currently NO MEDICATION FOR AUTISM!

Facts #2 this medication was not FDA approved for his disability, No clinical studies or human trials and they are administering this medication to non verbal autistic adults without voices who can’t communicate. Or telling you what they are feeling and going through. And it wasn’t approved for their disability

Fact #3 Abilify is an antipsychotic medication, it work by changing the actions of chemical in the brain. It state this medication he was one is used to treat psychotic conditions such as schizophrenia, bipolar, manic depression, and On November 24, 2009 according to Reuters article: FDA approved fro pediatrics patients with autism part of a treatment program.

Fact #4 Abilify states it may cause heart failure, sudden death, or pneumonia in older adults with dementia-related psychosis condition. ( Note: Autism is in the degenerative brain disorder family along with Alzheimer, dementia and other brain disease)

Fact #5 it is important for physician to follow vital signs, weight, metabolic laboratory, and study blood glucose, lipids, and electrolytes, renal/level functions. Concerns about the adverse effects are high and risk exists.  (The doctor who prescribe this didn’t do any of this, he called in the medication and raised his dosage twice without and lab work, and he seem the weight increase)

Fact #6 Patients treated with antipsychotic (first or second generation) medication experienced an increased incidence of fatality.

Fact #7 Patients and there families need to be warned about the risk and educated about how to identify early signs, IT states that PATIENTS NEED TO BE MONITORED and the drug must be stopped at the earliest sign of changes.

Fact #8 because of the serious side effects of antipsychotic it is important to closely monitor a patient using the, It also states the Patient should regularly see a therapist or doctor to keep track of symptoms and keep them at bay.

Fact #9 According to the new study at VanderbiltUniversityschool of Medicine,  the highly popular class of drug known as atypical significantly increased patient risk of suffering from a heart attack. My son died from cardiac arrest

Fact #10 Last important facts it states hat this medication can cause elevated blood pressure, elevated blood sugar, elevated cholesterol and severe obesity. It also states that that all this can cause direct harm to the function of the heart. Overall it’s a prescription for cardiac arrest/ sudden death.

FACT #11 My son was an Autistic adult who entrusted his parents with his life, and we trusted a doctor, who neglected our cries for help, then dropped my son as a patient.

In the United States all pharmaceutical product must be tested and approved by the Food and Drug Administrator (FDA) of the United States Government. Before that product can be distributed and sold. The process incorporated sufficient pre-clinical data to support preceding the involvement of human trials. In our case this didn’t happen. I want all families and caregiver to know this medication was not approved for autistic adults. They should be advised of the need for closer observation and communication while taking any medications. Most autistic adults don’t have a voice and I’m gone to speak for them.

Clinicial Studies Risperdial:

The FDA approved risperdial without gaining any information on Autistic Adults, Listed below there clinical studies: Schizophrenia Adults & Pediatrics 13-17yr old, Bipolar disorder Adults & Pediatric 10-17yr old,  Irritability with Autism Pediatrics 5-16yrs old.

Clinicial Studies Abilify

The FDA approved abilify without gaining any information on Autistic Adults, Listed below clinical studies. Schizophrenia Adults & Pediatrics 13-17ys old, Bipolar disorder Adults & Pediatrics 10-17yrs old, Major Depressive disorder adults ONLY, Irritability with Autistic Disorder Pediatrics Only 6-17 yrs old.

My son should have never been on this medication it was not for his disability, this medicine changed our son. We are suffering everyday, losing our one and only son is killing us. My son was my king, he was a precious angel whom never hurt anyone, he loved his family, his classmates in his adult program, he loved bowling, I will never meet his wife or my grandchildren’s, I was honored God choose me to be his mother. I want my baby back. We go to his gravesite daily and we ask our son for forgiveness. We gave him this medication everyday of his short life. I apologize to him. My son asked for help when he took his last breath in his dad’s arms. Now you close your eyes and picture if that was you. What would you do, I’m not giving up and im going to continue to tell my story. I don’t want another family to go through what my family is going through. God help us to cope……


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