Corruptions and Lies (Coroner’s Office)

UPDATE: February 12, 2014.(Original Blog post written on January 2, 2014)

Fox 40 news ran a story February 12, 2014 regarding the Solano county coroner’s Office, They did a story on the same coroner’s office that I question regarding my son false coroner’s report. Please read below on my blog section: Corruptions and Lies (coroner’s office) at I have been trying to seek help since May 2013. I filed a complaint with the California Medical board in May 2013 against the same forensic pathologist who lied on my son’s complete coroner’s report; she stated false facts about my son’s death. Now this lying forensic doctor retired in December 2013. Dr Susan Hogan is now all over the news, when I said last year that she lied on my son’s complete coroner’s report. I filed a complaint with the California medical Board against Dr Susan Hogan Control # #8002013000148. I received a letter in November 2013 from The California Medical Board they are still investigating. Dr Hogan willing retired in December 2013 ber the fox news report. It also states per the Fox40 broadcast that:

The Sheriff department say it has learned of concerns with Dr. Hogans autopsies and findings, It also states if Hogans autopsies are suspect, that may call into question some 37 other cases she was reviewing. Please look at fox40 reports. Reporter Rowen Shaddox

Key Factor: How could a coroner’s office or the forensic pathologist lie on legal vital records, How is it possible that Susan Hogan make a decision on the cause of death when she didn’t get my son’s medical records from his primary care physician Dr Michael Moshier who just gave Paul a complete physical exam 32 days before his death. Dr Michael Moshier had Paul’s complete medical history. Why did my son’s primary care Doctor Michael Moshier office call our home and ask why Paul didn’t make his follow up appointment on March 18, 201?, when Paul was buried March 4, 2013? I tell you why because the coroner’s office never spoke with his doctor, but lied and falsified legal vital records when they gave the cause of death, all the illness they listed were lies. I think they examined the wrong person body. The biggest question was WHY DIDN’T THEY DO AN AUTOPSY when my son passed out on the street, and he was rushed to the hospital and pronounced dead after his arrival. My husband and the Emergency room doctor request an autopsy. But the coroner’s office denied it … because they said they don’t like cutting on people if they don’t have to?, So they glanced over my son and lied!!!! Is this justice?

One attorney who rejected me last year in 2013 said unfortunately lack of an autopsy presents obstacles in proving any case. One attorney told me Friday Feb 28, 2013 that I should shift liability and sue The County of Solano since it was her employer and she falsified documents, and you relied on an autopsy, also to sue the Coroner’s office and forensic pathologist Dr. Susan Hogan.

Because of Dr Susan Hogan lies on my son death certificate, we can’t secure an attorney to fight for our medical malpractice case and pharmaceutical liability case; they are going by this death certificate that is full of lies. We need help…. I will continue to seek for justice. Dr Susan Hogan News stories can be found Fox40 news Reporter Steve Burrell, Topic: Questioned raised over autopsies performed by Former Solano County Coroner, Topic: Murder Trial Could Change amid question over autopsy By Reporter Rowena Shaddox,

Corruptions in the County Coroner’s Office 

                                      From Paul’s parents perspective.

To add insult to injury, The County that I live in did the most devastating thing imaginable. After all the pain we are enduring from the death of our one and only son Paul, the coroner’s office did the worse of all. I have found prejudice in this county, but managed to live through it. The doctor at the Solano county Coroners office grossly misdiagnose my son’s cause of death, his coroner’s report was full of assumptions and lack true facts. It was prejudice in my opinion. I would like to challenge the result of my son’s external exam, did you read this …. Yes, external exam. My husband and the ER doctor requested and autopsy when my son’s body was turned over to the coroner’s office on February 22, 2013. We were told on three different occasions they were doing an autopsy and the day I signed to have my son’s remains released we were told they have a cause of death. The death of my son Paul Gerard Victorian Jr was never fully investigated, I will never rest until my one and only son’s death is properly investigated. He deserves more than a superficial glance. My family and I need our day in court to challenge the prejudice result of the external exam.

                                         A Complete Life from Coroner’s office

The coroner’s office received my son’s body on February 22, 2013. And we were told the autopsy was going to be done on Friday February 22, 2013, Saturday February 23, 2013 and Monday morning February 25, 2013. It never happened while at the funeral home we were told that they had the cause of death, the lady Cassandra from the funeral home called the coroner’s office and put it on speaker phone and they proceeded to say that my Paul’s cause of death was enlarged heart due to obesity. I immediately yelled, cried and said they are lying. This is a lie it totally contradict his current physical 32 days earlier while he was alive. After looking at the report we found it strange that my son didn’t have 98% of what was on that report, my son’s body was transported to the coroners office on Friday February 22, 2013, and on Monday February they did an external exam at 11:15am and gave a cause of death, How did she have time to get all his medical records, his current physical exam and blood work from his primary Doctor Michael Moshier, I tell you how…. They didn’t because had they got my son’s complete epic file like I did, they would have seen he just had a complete Physical exam, with No heart disease, His heart was normal, Let me tell you what the coroner’s report states. That my son had a history of hypertension, history of high cholesterol, history of sleep apnea, and history of morbid obesity. All of these were created by them or they examined the wrong body. They are all lies and untruth. Just check his medical records from his Dr Michael Moshier, who had been Paul Doctor before he started this medication in 2006, He has my son’s complete medical history. And get this … On his current physical is states elevated blood pressure WITH  “NO” DIAGNOSIS of HYPERTENSION, so how did the coroners office who examined my son’s body while he was dead say he had a history of hypertension, when his doctor stated NO DIAGNOSIS of hypertension when he was alive. But it does state that this medication Abilify causes elevated blood pressure. This makes no sense… I question did they examine the wrong body because they didn’t have the correct height and weight on my son’s report, and the illness of hypertension, sleep apnea, cholesterol, etc. I never heard of any of these. It crazy the coroners office did an external exam of my son’s body while he was decease and gave all these illness, but his doctor who examined his eye, chest, heart, lungs, etc on January 17, 2013  while he was alive didn’t give Paul any illness….. Somebody is lying.

                                    The Coroner’s office Mission states

The Solano County Coroner’s office states on their pamphlet regarding investigation of death: The Solano County Coroners attempt to determine the cause of death by the lease intrusive means possible under the circumstance surrounding the death. This may be accomplished through the use of medical consultation and records, autopsies and laboratory testing. For this reason, the cause of death may take up to 8 to 10 weeks to obtain…my son cause of death a rush in judgment. Had they checked my son’s previous medical records they would have seen he didn’t have any of the thing they had on their report. My son did gain massive amount of weight, but the medication did that to him. He never had a weight issue growing up. My son passed out on the street while walking, and his dad and the ER doctor request an autopsy and it was agreed on three different occasions.

                       Our Attempt at Answers Regarding Our Son’s Cardiac Arrest

  • Coroners office received our son’s remain February 22, 2013 the day he passed away from Northbay hospital, my son was transported to the hospital by ambulance
  • Husband contacted The Solano County Coroners office on Saturday February 23, 2013 and spoke with Mr Dorji @ The coroner’s office and informed him of the medication my son was on, and what he took the day he passed away. We were informed they were doing the autopsy Monday morning February 25, 2013
  • Monday February 25, 2013 while at the Fairmount Funeral service while making arrangements for my one and only son, we were told by Cassandra the funeral worker that, they were in fact doing the autopsy today
  • Tuesday February 26, 2013 my husband and I had to go sign some papers for the release of our son’s remain and sign other papers
  • Wednesday February 27, 2013 Cassandra called us and told us they had a cause of death from the coroners office, we immediately went to the funeral home and was met by Cassandra & Chris Fairmont Funeral Home employee. Cassandra called the coroners office and spoke with a Mr. Harris. She put it on speaker phone and he said “we don’t like cutting on people if we don’t have to”, he then proceeded to say your son passed from an enlarged heart due to obesity. We yelled that’s a lie, cried etc. Chris then said try to go to the forensic company they can do an autopsy but its going to cost, we immediately left and went to this forensic office in Fairfield and met with this lady name Wendy. We told her our story and she said we can do a partial autopsy the head or chest but it’s going to cost $3500, she then said if I were you I would do to the coroner’s office and demand it. We drove to the coroners office and met with Mr. Harris he basically said no, and we could send our son body to a school for medical research like, How insulting!!!! We were so hurt from the lack of compassion. How is it that some one could get shot or stabbed and receive an autopsy when you know what they died from, but our 25 years old baby was out walking with his dad and passed out on the street and couldn’t get a autopsy for the cause of death. It’s not like he was in the hospital and died.

At this point I’m mad because the coroner’s office has no medical documentation or diagnosis to support that medical decision, my son never had a chest x-ray, no EKG, No cardio CHAT, No MRI, nothing to support that. My son was not important to them. The coroners report also state they didn’t do any x-rays, How could you look at some one and give a cause of death, had they looked at his medical records they would have seen none of there causes were true.

The Coroners office states that my son passed from Cardiac Arrhythmia according to the Mayo Clinic Research that I found on the internet; it states these symptoms would have been present and noticeable when my son went to his appointment 32 days earlier; arrhythmia symptoms may include, a fluttering in your chest, a racing heart beat, (tachycardia), a slow heart beat (bradycardia), chest pains, shortness of breath, lightheadedness, dizziness, faintness (syncope). One attorney who insulted me and ask how you know he didn’t have an enlarged heart. I stated that my son Paul just had a complete physical exam and his heart S1, S2 was normal, the attorney then stated did they do an ultrasound of his heart, I said no? Why would they do an ultrasound of his heart he didn’t have heart problems and Paul he been to numerous physical exam and it’s not standard to do ultrasounds of hearts. I called my aunt who works at a hospital in the medical field because I was upset. And she said Tina; nobody gets ultrasound at physical exams!  Unless it’s a cardio problems. She then stated,  Paul’s doctor checked his heart, listen to it, checked his lungs, he didn’t have chest pains, shortness of breath, dizzy spells, no indication  of a cardio problem she then said Paul was asymptomatic no cardiac symptoms to trigger his doctor to do a cardiac workup. Because he didn’t have any cardiac problems this death was sudden and the only thing we know for sure it was a cardiac arrest according the hospital. It was caused by the side effect from the medication that he was taking. And the coroners office should have done a autopsy, because he was not a patient in the hospital, he arrived by ambulance and never regain conscious after he fell out on the street, and hadn’t been seen by a doctor in 30 days. He had seen his doctor 32 days earlier. The coroner’s office should have done an autopsy. She then stated you can’t look at a person body and say oh you got an enlarged heart because your fat, No that not legal, and its unethical. She then stated it could have been because they wanted to save money at the coroner’s office or just down right prejudice, she said I don’t know there reason but it was wrong.

Cardiomegaly (Enlarged Heart) according to the American Heart Society of research I did on the internet. What is an enlarged heart?

It states; think of an enlarged heart like a firm bicep muscle, and enlarged heart is just the opposite, When your heart is enlarged it’s like a soft bicep- its weak and out of shape. Your body starts to retain fluids, your lungs get congested with fluids, and your heart begins to beat irregularly. What to look for; shortness of breath, fluid retention (edema) and having a harder time exercising are among the key symptoms of an enlarged heart or heart failure, irregular heartbeats. (Arrhythmias)- Potentially even serious irregular heart rhythm, and strokes.  Sleep apena; I don’t know what that is and never heard of it until I seen it on my son’s coroners report of having a history of it. My son Paul took sleep medication at night cause being autistic as an adult, he hardly ever sleeps. I must STRESS my son didn’t have any of these condition, On his current physical exam on January 17, 2013 it state; patients is a healthy appearing man who is alert, he has No abnormal labs, No medical history, No heart disease, No chest pains, No palpitation, No syncope, No edema. His heart S1, S2 normal, No murmur, rub or Gallop, Regular rates and Rhythm. His chest was clear to precussion and ausculatation. I’m very mad and hurt, because these are all lies on this coroners report and those are vital records, the coroner’s office need to be help accountable as well as the FDA for letting the pharmaceutical company push this medication off on Autistic adults


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  1. I am very sorry for you loss. Thank you for sharing. I have a daughter who is on Abilify 30 mg. She is also on Tegretol and Buspar. She was originally put on Risperdal 6 years ago. I have tried to find a lawyer to take my case as well and so far no luck. Diagnosed with Schiozphrenia. If you wany someone who is living the nightmare please contact me.

    Best regards,

    Bob Zimmerman

    1. Hi Bob how are you doing, I pray for you and I will keep in contact with you.

  2. Very sorry for the loss of your son and your experience with the coroners following his death. My son died a few yrs ago. He had an autopsy, but, it was rife with error. I would like to talk to you about your experience. I think families need to get together and point out medical examiners and their assistant coroners and making errors that are harming law biding citizens. We are not alone, just start talking to others in your community and you will soon learn, the problem of botched autopsies or autopsies created without an internal examination is a growing problem.

    My deepest Sympathy to Mr. & Mrs. Victorian.

    1. I’m sorry just read this email I would love to talk or email me directly at, teena roshawn on face book

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